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MAX METAL is a new company which was founded in 2023.


The company has started with initiatives for the development of different ideas and designs for the fabrication of metal products, decoration of elements for homes and commercial buildings, the construction of terraces for restaurants and lounge bars, warehouses with metal construction, and the finalisation  of requests for other metal constructions.

Observing the latest architectural developements in Europe and the world, many of the large buildings that are built today are built with metal construction and glass, using a minimum of concrete material in their constructions. Today’s development has made us curious to develop this sector for the fabrication of metal products.

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We have started working from January 2023 with more than 9 employees and with more than 10 Sales Agents & B2B contractors.

We Are So Creative That We Can Shape STEEL, INOX, ALUMINUM To Your Needs & Imagination

Max Metal LLC HSG Cutting head Prishtina
MAX METAL LLC Makita Partner Cutting Cut Pristina Kosovo
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Read the latest news in the World on Modern Architecture using different Designs from: Steel, INOX & Aluminum with CNC Fiber Laser cutting, Interior/Exterior of various places: Home, Restaurant, Office, etc…

Cutting the metal with
HSG Fiber Laser its a Perfection!

Who We Are?

Supporting our clients in their design!

Most of our clients are from: Kosovo, some of them are from: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

We are working to expand the network of our partners and sales even further.

With our professional work, we will always work to develop our network even more…

Our capacity for the fabrication and cutting of metal materials is 2 up to 3 T per day, including customer design requests, which we make with CNC Fiber Laser GB-Series by HSG at a speed of cutting up to 140 m/h with a thickness of metal up to 2.5 cm. including steel, inox and aluminum.

Our Welding team are profesionals in TIG, MIG, MMA welding having more than 7 years of experience in steel, inox and aluminum.

Are you Ready to Get the Best Solution for Your Business?

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