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CNC Fiber Laser Design

Why Fiber Laser

FIber Laser CNC is more recent laser technology that uses a bank of diodes to create the beam, which is focused through a fiber-optic cable. Fiber Laser cutters allow you to achieve a faster and cleaner cutting process than CO2 laser cutters, especially in materials with a thickness of less than 5 mm.

A CNC laser cutter is a piece of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment that uses a focused, high-powered laser beam to mark, cut, or engrave a material to form custom shapes. Its unique design and operation make it highly accurate, especially when cutting intricate shapes and small holes.

HSG CNC Fiber Laser GC SERIES MAX Metal LLC Pristina

The capacity of our Fiber Laser CNC cutting machine is 3000 W with thickness metal cut up to 24 mm and with head speed up to 140 m/h and with precision 1/10 mm perfect clean cut with no burn marks.

Compact-size Single Platform Sheet & Tube Laser Cutting Machine 3000W

Our Welding team are professionals in Co2 Gas, TIG, MIG, MMA welding having more than 7 years of experience in steel, inox and aluminum.

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