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Build your Outdoor Advertising Solutions

Outdoor advertising is one of the most versatile and diverse media. The way to capture a concept will be very different depending on the channel used. We can distinguish between conventional advertising and special formats with high impact: Billboards, Totem, Led Display etc… MAX METAL in cooperation with DEKO Solution offers for our customers in Kosovo the region Mega Bill Board outdoor LED Display Ads with different dimensions. Max Metal deals with the metal construction of the pillars and its implementation, DEKO Solution deals with the installation and setup of the LED display with dimensions 1×2, 3×4, 8×5 etc…
Here is one example how Outdoor LED Display looks like:

Find out some of the models of metal pillars that you can order from MAX METAL L.L.C.

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Cutting the metal with
HSG Fiber Laser its a Perfection!