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Read the latest news in the World on Modern Architecture using different Designs from: Steel, INOX & Aluminum with CNC Fiber Laser cutting, Interior/Exterior of various places: Home, Restaurant, Office, etc…

Expanded Metal Fences Arbat by Fratelli Mariani

Expanded Metal Fences in Europe

Fratelli Mariani expanded metal meshes can be highly customized according to your technical needs and appearance specifications. They are suitable for multiple metal-working processes, such as bending, curving, cutting, and welding.

Ten steely kitchens that use metal as their primary material

A black steel island fitted between original cast-iron columns, a gleaming stainless-steel kitchen and one with reclaimed metal cabinetry are among the kitchen interiors featured in our latest lookbook. Metal

Paul Coenen folds single sheet of steel to form furniture “that can last a generation”

Designer Paul Coenen has opened up his workshop in Eindhoven as part of Dutch Design Week to display a collection of monobloc furniture and homeware, made from stainless steel without

Installs folded steel staircase, design by Bell Phillips

A folded steel staircase runs alongside an exposed brick wall to connect the two levels of this east London flat by architecture studio Bell Phillips. Located in Hackney, the home is one of several

Anodized aluminum frame for Interior with decorative grid profiles

PortaPivot 3530 is a glass partition system made from interior-grade anodized aluminum. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant finish. This system can be

Shading Screens – Perforated Facade Panels

Perforated Bruag facade panels can be used as sliding shutters, providing a special ambiance both day and night. The exquisite perforations in the individual facade systems give rise to a variety of lighting patterns, depending

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