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Interior Products

BŌK Modern’s interior product line includes Interior Room Full and Partial Height Screens as well as Suspended Ceilings. These room partitions provide dramatic branding to your interior space and can elegantly transform open spaces into well-defined areas. These versatile partitions and ceilings can also be used for exterior applications in multi-family residential properties to provide privacy between units.

Low height perforated partitions provide a sense of privacy while allowing visual connections throughout an interior space. BŌK Modern Partial Height Screens can also be used in conjunction with BŌK planters for a free-standing system.

The patterns and designs in these screens can be matched to other cladding and screening installed on the exterior of a project so that there is flawless aesthetic continuity throughout.


BŌK’s panels can be created from a variety of flat sheet metals that are strategically designed and laser-cut in a customizable selection of patterns and shapes. The panels can be custom formed to an infinite variety of 3-dimensional configurations.


Guardrails, wall screens, partitions, decorative panels, decorative ceilings


Interiors, corporate, educational, commercial, residential, hospitality


Easy installation, laser-cut or 3-dimensional, rigid, customizable, non-flammable, solid metal, painted, aluminum, anodized, Rusted surface (Cor-ten) steel


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